Urgent hand sanitizer recall: This dangerous sanitizer targets kids

For the better part of the past few years, we’ve been washing our hands and…

For the better part of the past few years, we’ve been washing our hands and using hand sanitizer more often. These simple procedures effectively kill the novel coronavirus and other germs that can infect the human body. But chemical products like hand sanitizer can pose dangers in rare instances, and that happens to be the case with a new Best Brands hand sanitizer recall.

Best Brands hand sanitizer recall

Best Brands Consumer Products is the company that triggered recalls for two hand sanitizers that target children. Per the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcement, we’re looking at Mickey Mouse and The Mandalorian branded hand sanitizer.

The Mickey Mouse sanitizer contains traces of methanol. Similarly, The Mandalorian hand sanitizer has benzene in it, according to results of FDA sample testing.

Best Brands imported the two hand sanitizer products in the recall from a third-party manufacturer. The company received a notification from the FDA in late February and investigated the matter. Best Brands found that the affected hand sanitizers were produced in April and May 2020. Some of these products were pulled from shelves in April 2021 for unrelated commercial reasons.

Here are the identifiers for the two products in the Best Brands recall:

  • Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer, Ethyl Alcohol 68%, blue color, 2.11 fl. oz bottle: MFG Lot # 20D21, Expiry date: 6/30/2022, NFC # 74530-013-02
  • The Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer, Ethyl Alcohol 68%, blue/green color, 2.11 fl. oz bottle: MFG Lot # 20E21, Expiry date: 9/30/2022, NFC # 74530-012-02

Methanol and benzene exposure

The company said that it has not yet received any reports of adverse effects following the use of the Best Brands hand sanitizer options in the recall. However, exposure to methanol and benzene can be dangerous.

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The recall announcement notes that methanol exposure can lead to significant life-threatening symptoms. These are nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, coma, seizures, permanent blindness, permanent damage to the central nervous system, or death.

People of all ages are at risk of ingesting methanol from the Mickey Mouse hand sanitizer in the recall. However, young children who might accidentally drink the products are most at risk of poisoning.

Benzene is a substance that you’d usually find in the environment. But continued exposure to increased levels of benzene can lead to cancer. Exposure can happen via inhalation, oral ingestion, and through the skin. This increases the risk of developing leukemia, blood cancer of the bone marrow, and blood disorders that can be life-threatening.

What you should do

If you own any of the Mickey Mouse or Mandalorian hand sanitizers in the recall, you should stop using them and discard them immediately.

Buyers can request refunds for their purchases by contacting Best Brands directly. Contact information is available for both the company and the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program at this link.

Also, if you are worried about potential side effects from using the two hand sanitizers that are part of the Best Brands recall, you should contact your doctor.