Moon Knight’s MCU Easter eggs are deliberate, production designer says

Moon Knight delivered a mind-blowing cliffhanger in episode 4, so we can’t wait to see…

Moon Knight delivered a mind-blowing cliffhanger in episode 4, so we can’t wait to see what happens in the final two episodes of Marvel’s latest MCU series. We’re not just interested in how the story concludes, but also how Marvel decides to tie it to the MCU. Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) will hopefully get to interact with the rest of the Avengers soon. And we saw plenty of MCU Easter eggs that tie Moon Knight to the rest of the franchise.

After more than a decade of MCU storytelling, these Easter eggs aren’t coincidental. Marvel fans should know that by now. But Moon Knight production designer Stefania Cella went ahead and confirmed that the show’s Easter eggs are deliberate anyway. Mind you, some spoilers might follow below.

Is Moon Knight connected to the MCU?

Before the Disney Plus premiere, those involved in the making of Moon Knight teased that the TV show wouldn’t have significant MCU connections. At the time, we speculated that they meant that we wouldn’t see any major Avengers cameos. Instead, there might be tiny MCU Easter eggs that would connect Moon Knight to the rest of the universe.

But then we spotted some brilliant Easter eggs that made it clear Moon Knight is indeed another MCU superhero. Of course, the episode 4 twist impacts the Easter eggs directly. If what we’ve seen so far isn’t real, the Easter eggs aren’t real either. But that doesn’t make them any less deliberate.

A book about Wakanda seen in Moon Knight episode 1. Image source: Marvel Studios

Cella made that point in an interview with Murphy’s Multiverse. She said it’s “all deliberate.”

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“There are no accidents,” the production designer continued. “Marvel is very cautious and very aware of what are the [Easter eggs]. That was an educating curve for me; what [Easter eggs] can be involved and what are the things to leave out. There are the usual easter eggs for comic lovers. I put them in there personally.”

The Easter eggs so far

The first episode of Moon Knight had a brilliant MCU Easter egg that we nearly missed. Steven has a book on Wakanda on his desk, which implies the TV show happens in the same reality as the rest of the MCU.

Moon Knight in front of a bus featuring the GRC MCU Easter egg
Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) in front of a bus featuring the GRC MCU Easter egg. Image source: Marvel Studios

Then, episode 2 gave us an ad on a bus for the GRC, the global organization handling the fallout of the events in Infinity War and Endgame. We first saw the GRC in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which means Moon Knight happens after Endgame in the official MCU timeline.

The same episode also revealed that Marc survived the snap in Infinity War, which means he was alive during the five years between the blips.

Episode 3 delivered a big Kang Easter egg as well. That’s the character Jonathan Majors plays in the MCU, and a Moon Knight detail we almost missed.

Cella’s comments clarify that all these Moon Knight Easter eggs aren’t accidental. They’re there because Marvel wanted them there. They’ll help the studio incorporate Moon Knight into the bigger storyline on down the road.

We’ll have to wait for episodes 5 and 6 to see how this first Moon Knight season concludes. And whether we’ll get additional MCU teasers.

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