iOS 16 beta release: When can I download the new iPhone software?

It’s the weekend before this year’s WWDC event, the annual conference where Apple unveils its…

It’s the weekend before this year’s WWDC event, the annual conference where Apple unveils its latest software innovations. And of course, the iOS 16 announcement is one of the most highly anticipated segments of the keynote. That’s when Apple unveils its newest iPhone software, with some of them having already leaked. As in previous years, many iPhone users will be anxiously waiting for Apple to release the first iOS 16 beta so they can try those features as soon as possible.

It’s not just developers who get first dibs at the software and who will install iOS 16 beta 1 as soon as it’s available. Regular users can try it out, too. But when will Apple release the first iOS 16 beta so you can download it?

iOS 16 beta 1 release date

Apple usually releases the first iOS beta within a few hours after the main WWDC keynote. That means iOS 16 beta 1 should arrive on June 6th, soon after the press conference ends.

However, we’ll remind you that the first beta is not officially open to all iPhone users. That’s because the first iOS 16 beta will be an unstable version of iOS 16 that’s full of bugs. Only developers should install the first beta, and they’ll do it on development hardware rather than an iPhone they use all the time.

That said, people who get access to developer profiles will be able to try the iOS 16 beta 1 release as early as June 6th. Of course, there’s no official release date for this early version of the software. Apple could always alter the release schedule for beta 1, though we highly doubt this will be the case.

iOS 15 new features. Image source: Apple

What about the iOS 16 public beta?

The first iOS 16 public beta should follow beta 1 in a few weeks. It would normally coincide with the iOS 16 beta 2 release for developers. This year, however, there’s talk that iOS 16 is still so buggy that the first public beta will be delayed a bit.

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The public beta should be more stable than the previous versions, which means you’ll have fewer problems when running the iOS 16 public beta 1 on your main iPhone. 

Even still, bugs will be part of the experience. You might run into problems with some Apple apps or third-party apps. Battery life issues are also part of the iOS beta experience, so these are things to keep in mind if you plan to install the iOS 16 beta, even after its public release.

And as we mentioned, some rumors say that Apple might delay the iOS 16 public beta release because the software is so buggy.

You’ll have to register for the iOS 16 public beta to get access to it. Apple has a handy portal that will let you register for public beta downloads.

It’s not just iOS 16 that’s coming out next week in beta form. Apple should also release the developer beta versions for iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, watchOS9, and macOS 13 after WWDC 2022. The public betas should come in the weeks that follow, just like iOS 16.

Three Apple iPhones with apps on the screens
iOS 15 introduces Live Text using on-device intelligence, redesigned notifications, upgrades to Maps, and more. Image source: Apple

What to expect from the next-gen iPhone software

A series of reports have detailed some of the features that Apple built into iOS 16. The new software version might deliver changes to widgets, including a new lock screen with widget support. Some reports even mentioned interactive widgets.

iOS 16 will supposedly add audio and social networking features to Messages. Moreover, the Health app will get a big refresh.

Additionally, iOS 16 will contain features that Apple won’t showcase until September when the final OS version is about to be released. Examples include always-on display support that might be coming to the iPhone 14 Pro models this year.

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Mid-September is also when Apple will release the final iOS 16 version to all compatible devices. People who do not like testing beta releases will need to wait until then to get the most stable iOS 16 release.

Speaking of official releases, iOS 16 will also bring bad news for iPhone 6s users out there. The 2015 phone will no longer receive the latest iOS version. Reports say you’ll need an iPhone 7 or later to run iOS 16, including the beta releases that are coming soon.

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