How to change your Reddit username

Changing your Reddit username is difficult, not impossible. In this article, we will walk you…

Changing your Reddit username is difficult, not impossible. In this article, we will walk you through the steps you need to change your Reddit username. We’ll also be looking at what to expect when opening a new Reddit account via email, browser, or the Reddit app.

Username or display name

There is a difference between your username on Reddit and your display name. Now and then, there are questions and comments asking about the functionality of both. Your display name is what appears on your profile page. It is rather cosmetic and performs no actual function apart from being the name everyone sees on your profile.

Your Reddit username, on the other hand, has more functionalities than the user name. The username is a unique permanent name that appears on your posts, comments, and replies. While you can change your display name whenever you please, you can change your username only once.

Can I really not change my Reddit username?

On the one hand, Reddit allows users to change their usernames. On the other, it disallows users from changing their “self-assigned” Reddit username. 

According to Reddit, you can create a new account using an email address, an Apple ID, or a Google account.

Usually, once you create your account, you’ll be assigned a random alphanumeric username. Thankfully, you can change this username if you open your account with your Google or Apple ID and haven’t finalized your username yet.

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The 30-Day Rule

This rule entails that Reddit allows you to change the randomly assigned username. However, Reddit only allows users 30 days to change the assigned username. Upon the expiration of 30 days, the automated username becomes your username forever.

Within the 30-day window, new account holders can only change their username once.

So, be very careful about the name you pick before selecting a username for your profile. 

Change username on Reddit account created using email

As stated earlier, you can use an email address to open a new account on Reddit.

Should you choose to create your account using an email address, Reddit gives you the option of selecting your username. When you choose your preferred username, it becomes unchangeable.

Change Username on Reddit Account Created using Google/Apple ID.

If you are an iOS or Android user, you may prefer to open a Reddit account using your Apple ID or your Google account. Mainly because it allows you to synchronize your account across various devices.

Reddit also gives users an additional incentive for using their Google accounts or Apple IDs. The incentive is the option of changing your username anytime you want within 30 days of the account’s creation.

For Android and iPhone users, you only get this time-limited option once. So think carefully and deeply before choosing a new username. The moment you change your randomly assigned username, you lose the opportunity to get another Reddit username. After this point, the only other option is to open a new Reddit account, seeing that you cannot change an existing Reddit username. Thankfully, you can open as many Reddit accounts as you want.

Now, let us explore how to change your username on your devices and the requirements you must meet before you are allowed to change your password.

How to change your Reddit username on a computer browser

Naturally, most people would prefer to use Reddit on their phone rather than a computer. However, if you prefer using the PC, MacBook, or Chromebook variants of Reddit, you can change your username using these simple steps:

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Option 1 – For New Accounts

Step 1: Creating an Account

  • Open a web browser on your PC. Open the official Reddit website and click on the “Sign Up” option.
Image source: Toby Grey for BGR
  • Choose the account creation method you would like to use to open your account. We would be using the Google account as a sample.

  • Select the google account you wish to use for your Reddit account, then input the necessary information.

Your account is set up. Time to sign in!

Step 2: Changing Your Reddit Usernames

After the account has been set up, you will see a notification showing your preassigned name. The pop-up will have a “Change Username” option.

Change username on Reddit for PCImage source: Toby Grey for BGR
  • Click on it to open an option to begin editing. 
Change username pop op on Reddit for PCImage source: Toby Grey for BGR
  • Now input your desired username. Be sure another user has not taken the name. If you can’t seem to come up with any, you can opt for any of the suggested Usernames by Reddit.
  • Click on the Continue to save your new username.

Option 2 – For Existing Accounts

If you already have an existing account, then naturally, your first step would be to visit Reddit’s website and enter your log-in details:

  • Click on the drop-down icon found at the extreme right corner of your screen.
Reddit dropdown menu to change usernameImage source: Toby Grey for BGR
  • In the Menu list, click on the Profile icon.
  • Your tentative username would appear, click on it and edit.
  • Click on the Save option. 

How to change your Reddit username on your mobile phone

The images in this article are all derived from an Android device. However, the following steps are also applicable to Android and iPhone owners.

  • The first step would be to open the Reddit app. If you don’t already have it, you can easily download the Reddit mobile app from the App Store or Google Playstore.
  • Tap on your avatar/Profile Icon, then tap on the My Profile option to see your account’s settings.
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If you are still allowed to change your username with the mobile phone, a notification will come up immediately after you tap on the My Profile option. The pop-up would ask you to confirm your randomly assigned Reddit username or change it to a new one.

  • Tap on the Change Username option
Change username on reddit option for mobile devicesImage source: Toby Grey for BGR
  • Type in your preferred username. 
  • After you’ve found a name that is unique to you, tap on Next at the top right corner of the screen.
Change user name on Reddit app
  • A notification will pop up, asking if you are comfortable using that username forever. Suppose your answer is a Yes; Tap on the Save Username option. If you still have doubts, you can easily tap on Go Back and return when you are sure of your username.
Save username on Reddit mobile app
  • Viola! Your new username is ready to use.

Once again, there is no going back when you complete this process.

With this in mind, know that over 53 million subscribers use Reddit. It might be challenging to find a unique name.

Frequently Asked Questions on Reddit’s homepage

How can I correct my username?

The sad news is that once the name change process has been finalized, Reddit doesn’t allow any form or alteration to the username again. The next option would be to create a new account with a new name. 

Can I sync my old account with my new account?

Although Reddit allows you to use the same email address to sign up for more than one account, it does not support the synchronization of different account activities. 

Can a username be reused after the profile has been deactivated?

Reddit does not allow you to reuse a username once it has already been picked. Including when the Reddit profile that chose the name has been deactivated. 

So what can I do about an unwanted name?

While you may not have the option of synchronizing activity across various profiles, Reddit allows you to switch accounts. This feature enables you to create a secondary account and switch between them. Simply tap on the Profile icon at the bottom of the page, and click on Settings > Account Settings > Basic Settings > Switch Account.