Heated blanket recall: This popular blanket can burn you, so stop using it now

You can add this heated blanket to the list of products that can overheat and…

You can add this heated blanket to the list of products that can overheat and catch fire while in use. The Luxe+Willow heated blanket is the subject of a recent recall from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The blanket can overheat if you leave it plugged in and powered on for an extended period of time. In turn, this can lead to accidental fires and injuries.

Luxe+Willow heated blanket recall

MWA issued the recall a few weeks ago, and you can find the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announcement right here.

The Luxe+Willow heated blanket measures 50 inches by 50 inches. It’s white with a Sherpa lining. Moreover, the product has “LUXE+WILLOW” and “L&W BIO” on the label. The images in this post should help you identify the potentially faulty product in your home.

Heated blanket recall: Image of a folded Luxe+Willow model. Image source: MWA

The company received three reports of overheating blankets that triggered the recall action. One of the reports detailed a burn to the consumer’s wrist. Then, one consumer reported seeing flames.

MWA sold about 4,200 Luxe+Willow heated blankets from January 2022 through March 2022. They were available nationwide for about $40 at TJ Maxx, Urban Outfitters, and other retailers.

What you should do

If you own the Luxe+Willow heated blankets in the recall, you should stop using them right away. MWA urges buyers to unplug the blankets and contact the company to receive a full refund or a $50 voucher that they can use to purchase other products.

Heated blanket recall: The Luxe+Willow blanket retail box.
Heated blanket recall: The Luxe+Willow blanket retail box. Image source: MWA

MWA informs customers that they should destroy the heated blankets before receiving the refund or voucher. After unplugging the blanket, they’ll have to cut the electrical cord and take a photo to document the procedure. The image should also contain the blanket’s label. They’ll then have to send the picture to the company so MWA can verify the successful destruction.

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Buyers should dispose of the faulty blanket only after destroying it. That way, nobody else can use the faulty heated blanket and risk fire and injury.

MWA will be contacting all known buyers about the heated blanket recall. But if you’ve received the blanket as a gift, you won’t be on that list. If you’ve just heard about the recall, you should give the official CPSC announcement a full read. It contains all the contact information for MWA, as well as links to the heated blanket recall page on the company’s website.

Speaking of fire hazards, you should also be on the lookout for two other products that might catch fire accidentally. Best Buy recalled various air fryer models that can overheat. And Dollar Tree recalled about a million hot glue guns that can malfunction while in use.