Apple posts Q2 earnings and delivers a monster quarter with $97 billion in revenue

With earnings season in full swing, Apple this afternoon posted its Q2 earnings report. For…

With earnings season in full swing, Apple this afternoon posted its Q2 earnings report. For the quarter ending in March, Apple posted $97.28 billion in revenue. Earnings per share checked in at $1.52. As a point of contrast, Apple during the same year-ago posted revenue of $89.6 billion and earnings of $1.40 per share.

Ahead of Apple’s earnings report, analysts were anticipating revenue in the $94 billion range. Meanwhile, analysts were anticipating earnings for the quarter to check in at $1.42 a share.

In the wake of the impressive earnings report, Apple also announced a dividend hike of 5%.

Apple doesn’t release quarterly iPhone sales figures anymore, but we can glean information from how much revenue the company’s iconic smartphone brings in. For the March quarter, the iPhone generated $50.5 billion in revenue. During the same quarter last year, the iPhone accounted for $47.94 billion in revenue.

Across Apple’s other product lines, the Mac and iPad brought in $10.4 billion and $7.6 billion in revenue, respectively. During the March quarter of last year, Mac and iPad revenue checked in at 9.1 billion and 7.8 billion, respectively. Note that Mac sales continue to increase in light of Apple’s revamped product lineup featuring the company’s line of Mx processors.

“This quarter’s record results are a testament to Apple’s relentless focus on innovation and our ability to create the best products and services in the world,” Apple’s Tim Cook said in a press release. “We are delighted to see the strong customer response to our new products, as well as the progress we’re making to become carbon neutral across our supply chain and our products by 2030.”

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